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Foulard "Sciccareddu" Pure Silk

Foulard "Sciccareddu" Pure Silk

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Composition: 100% Silk
Size: 90x90 cm
Product care: store not knotted, avoid contact with chemicals, professional dry cleaning only.

Style Details

Wardrobe’s timeless accessory, Cettina Bucca’s foulard can be worn as turban, headband, belt or it can be knotted around the neck, it gives every look elegance and refinement.


According to the legend, to explain the origin of this name, we need to go back to the time the Arabs conquered Sicily. Relations between the two peoples were initially not the best, because king Miramolino, to affirm his power, forbid the Sicilians to go horseback riding. They, then, decided to poison the water of every watering place to kill all the horses on the island. The Arabs brought other horses from Africa, but they died drowned due to a storm. Only donkeys were saved which the Arabs were forced to use for their movements.
From that moment on, the donkeys were called “scecchi”, deriving this name from the term “sheikhs”, a word that indicated the Arabs who rode on donkeys.
The king, derided by all the people for that very unusual means of transportation, was forced to restore the freedom once taken to the Sicilian people.
Protagonist of a splendid Grimm brothers fairy tale is actually a donkey.