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I love to put together different kinds of shapes and colors to create suits that are unique in their style and make someone feel special.

When I was a child, I really loved to draw and create dresses for my dolls, it was my favorite game.

I used the most disparate fabrics and trimmings plus different other types of material such as tapestry, twine, raffia and little pieces of curtains, bedcover and clothes hems too. The old clothing of my grandparents, that smelled of mould and memories, became lovely suits, nice skirts and jumpers full of frills.

I used to put together different kinds of shades and fabrics, such as wool, silk and brocade. Every element perfectly matched with each other’s and the result were cute multi-colored dresses which made me daydream about an unknown future full of silks and organza.

I have finally made my dream come true and here I am to share my passion with you.

Cettina Bucca