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Foulard "Saluto alla luna" Pure Silk

Foulard "Saluto alla luna" Pure Silk

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Composition: 100% Silk
Size: 90x90 cm
Product care: store not knotted, avoid contact with chemicals, professional dry cleaning only.

Style Details

Wardrobe’s timeless accessory, Cettina Bucca’s foulard can be worn as turban, headband, belt or it can be knotted around the neck, it gives every look elegance and refinement.


There are many legends that the ancient peoples have linked to the moon: its periodic disappearance and reappearance has meant that most of them tell about birth and death.
Over time it has received several names: Net for the Egyptians, Ixchel for the Maya, Chandra for the Hindus, Oselene for the Greeks.
The first to talk about the moon from a scientific point of view was Galileo Galilei in 1610.
Even now the moon occupies a central role in our lives, with its influence in the tides, it exerts power over birth and agricultures phases.
The moon, symbol of life, in the esoteric field represents the sensitivity, the maternal bond, the female. It is the depth of our hidden self, of magic, of fertility and of mystery. As archetype it is the Queen of Heaven, goddess, mother, lover, priestess.