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Fall Winter 2021-22

The clear, diaphanous atmosphere of the months preceding the rebirth of nature, gives us unexpected gifts, surrounding us with a white light from which, unexpectedly, arise flowers and fruits that seem to come from nowhere. The gardens of the cold season amaze for the clarity of the colors, for the naturalness and the spontaneity with which here and there grow tufts of bright grass, new branches that promise to be covered with fragrant flowers. While the bulbs rest underneath the earth, delaying gems and diverse blooms. This is the sense of nature in winter: preserving, burying, hiding what will soon miraculously return, as every year, to come back rhythmically, leaving a slow, light, almost imperceptible sound and showing itself in all its beauty and splendor. In the FW21-22 Cettina Bucca pays great attention to the prints that recall in an original way the mood of the collection. In the prints the flowers alternate to the fruits, leaves, seeds, jagged branches. Clear skies are the background to the images in which the brush stroke is located next to the optical and geometric graphics. The fabrics used have very different textures but harmoniously fused each other. The lines are fluid, soft, light, the silhouettes are enveloping and dynamic. The colors are the ones that best represent the infinite gradations of the winter landscape: The burgundy of the water lilies and the calla is added to the orange yellow of the climbing bellflowers and the oil conjugated in all the gradations is found next to the warm beige, brown and ancient pink of peonies that age under light layers of earth. The dusty color palette is offset by bright tones.