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Fall Winter 2020-21

Fairy tales inspire the creativity of the Sicilian designer, Cettina Bucca, for the new Autumn-Winter 2020-21 collection. Tales that reveal, illuminate and let us think, dream, understand themselves to find alternative solutions, sometimes unsuspected. Fantastic worlds, connected with our reality able to find alternative solutions to questions that everyone asks themselves daily. Tales dedicated to children and also adults with a symbolic power that goes beyond to what the actual story is, highlighting a deep, esoteric and moral growth meaning. Understanding what other perspectives are and seeing what is not visible also interpreting what apparently cannot be interpreted, seeing new ideas are just some of the starting points that gave birth to the new collection. The colour palettes chosen to dye the collection, evil is represented by the black color, which was selected for the first time by the eclectic designer, in opposition to the good is interpreted by white. Inspired by the fairy tales of the Grimm’s brothers, with an educational and pedagogical value, the colour of the Little Red Riding Hood coat occupies a significant space among the protagonists of the collection, and is the warmth of the fusion between the two opposites. The bright green and blue harmoniously bring back the missing balance with the aim of restoring peace and joie de vivre. Touches of rose and gentians violet underline the delicacy of the magic that must never be missing in any fairy tale. The prints are in a game of encounters between different the different stories; indecipherable objects are the protagonists of tales, distant in time and space but extremely close in the fun situations. The prince who rescues his beloved princess on the jumping horse, the fox who looks crafty from the deep blue, and in the end the white stylish rabbit who, ironically become the undisputed protagonists of shirts with whispered elegance of the jackets and the skirts with tailored details and trenches with shaped lines. The precious, strictly natural fabrics such as: smooth and ribbed velvets, viscose, silks, mohair and alpaca wool, winter cottons and brilliant sequins that let the looks be sparking with light and magic, are the materials that tell a whole Made in Italy’s tale. Like the real dresses of the fairytale princesses and the girls from a past era, the models favor widths and curls that naturally touch the ankles. The silhouettes, with less important volumes softly accompany the body and they stop at the knee to enhance the timeless femininity and elegance. Coats always has an unusual touch, the dresses and pinafore dresses allow us to glimpse soft ankle-length trousers or tulle skirts. Thin braid straps are reminiscent of chessboards with decorations that cross shirts, dresses and pleated skirts. Brocade hobby and belts with detachable pocket complete the looks of the collection. The fresh, ironic and youthful collection is enriched, for the first time, with wooden collars and belts, born thanks to a project with two young architects and with a group of skilled Sicilian wood craftsmen, who have worked this material as if it were flexible, malleable and soft like any fabric. The absolute new-in are the shoes, born from the collaboration with Sergio Amaranti , made in leather with a curved heel and printed velvet like the dresses with the left always different from the right for one or more details.